About the Osa Recording Project

Osa Sounds was developed by Jeff Woodman, board director of the American Bird Conservancy, the Amazon Conservation Association, and Houston Audubon, Luis E. Vargas, tropical biologist from the Universidad de Costa Rica, and Tim Burr, a biologist with extensive experience in sound recording. The three of us met at a Sound Recording Workshop conducted by the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in 2009. We decided to create a sound collection representative of the biodiversity found on the Osa that could be used for educational, scientific and recreational purposes. Subsequently, Leo Garrigues and Gary Gómez, nature guides with extensive field knowledge and experience, and more recently George Halekas, a field biologist who also attended the workshop, joined Osa Sounds.

We’ve also received help from a number of individuals. Greg Budney, curator of the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has provided a wealth of advice and technical support. Oscar Herrera, a nature guide formerly working at Luna Lodge on the Osa, has provided numerous excellent recordings to the project.

 ‘Nito’ Paniagua, Ulises Quintero and Mauricio Ramírez, nature guides on the Osa have provided valuable information about the natural history of many of the species you can hear in our collection. Liz Jones and Abraham Gallo provided information about the fauna, especially birds, found near Río Tigre, including one of the endemic species of the Osa, the Mangrove Hummingbird Amazilia boucardi. Guido Saborío, Scientific Director of Osa Conservation, has collaborated in many ways to gather information about amphibians; while Federico Paniagua, entomologist from the Museo de Insectos of the Universidad de Costa Rica has facilitated insect taxonomy. David Herra, biology student and marine mammal researcher, provided marine mammal recordings. Bob Levy and Bob Schallmann shared their contributions in professional photography and field ornithology respectively. Greg Lavaty and Alan Dahl have kindly contributed their wonderful photographs to illustrate a large part of the species of the collection on our website. José Salazar also supplied some excellent photos of amphibians. Finally, Al Houghton from Dubway Studios in New York, is editing and mixing the components of the audio discs developed from this project.

 Listen to Osa's rainforest while it is waking up...

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